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Qualified & Insured Eyelash Artist & Semi-Permanent Cosmetics Technician

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What We Do

At JDFBeauty, I believe that a face can tell a thousand words... so make it beautiful!

I have been working for over a year, helping to enhance the natural beauty of over a hundred ladies and gents throughout medway and helping everyone find the sass and confidence they need.

Who is JDF?

JDF stands for Jade Danielle Francois.. aka, ME!

I am the Sole Proprietor or JDFBeauty and began building my business back in May 2018. Ever since being a little girl, I've always had an interest in hair and beauty and to finally be in the industry, with my own company is a dream come true. I absolutely love all that I do and hope that one day I will be able to have my own salon and work for myself full time!

Why should I choose JDFBeauty?

Being my own boss means that I have to work a whole lot harder than those working in a salon. I adore my job and the people I get to meet every day. A wise man I knew once told me, 'If you love what you do, you'll never work a day in your life', and that's exactly how I feel! Although running JDFBeauty is my job, it feels more like a hobby! It is my pleasure to help you achieve the look you're after and I will always try to go above and beyond for you all.

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